Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Upgrading Audio

Upgrading Audio

SILV is proud to announce that beginning  summer 2014, industry leader Jonathan Deans and the Las Vegas Sound Consortium have agreed to take the lead in our Audio class. Aaron Beck from Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson's 'One' and the Consortium have already outlined the 2014 program and are ready to roll with Week 3, June 23-27. Audio will again be housed at Solotech with the gracious assistance of our good friend Francois Leroux.
Adrian Gutierrez (2007)

Adrian Gutierrez (2007)

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA. Adrian was new to the world of tech theatre when he was selected as part of the SILV Inaugural Class. Adrian showed himself true to Don Childs’ way of working – show up early, be fun to work with, and stay until the job is done. Fisher Technical also recognized Adrian’s potential, hired him, and Adrian has been working as a Mechanical Technician at Fisher ever since.


Forty years of involvement in theatre education brought late SILV founder and director Don Childs to a simple conclusion: it is almost impossible for traditional educational institutions to train live entertainment production technicians at the level required in today’s arena.

In most schools, faculty have limited experience with state-of-the-art technology and school facilities lack the budget to acquire emerging industry standard equipment and systems. Time constraints effectively dictate that learning in a university situation is limited to current production needs. Though this is a valuable training device, it limits new skill learning opportunities for both students and faculty.

Students who choose not to go to college have no place to turn for training that would make them employable in state-of-the-art live entertainment technology. The financial and time cost of attending four years of college to learn a skill set that borders on archaic prevents many talented young people from pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas strives to fill a need that traditional schools cannot provide.

Why Vegas?

It’s all about the experience. And anyone looking for a broad spectrum of experience will find it in Las Vegas. Starting with shows like Jubilee, developed nearly three decades ago and still running today, right up to Kà, Cirque du Soleil‘s biggest show which astounds audiences with its amazing mechanics and effects, entertainment technology has been defined by the Vegas model. Las Vegas is the home of emerging technologies, new technology developers and manufacturers, and a growing demand for technicians trained in these cutting-edge technologies.

Hands-on Training

Tell me and I will forget;
show me and I may remember;
involve me and I will understand.

SILV is dedicated to teaching by doing. All the instructors at SILV are individuals who believe in the hands-on approach. They are also all working professionals who know what is important and are dedicated to sharing their experiences with the students. Every week at SILV is hands-on.